Best Cast Iron Bacon Press – How To Use & Our Top 5 Bacon Press Picks

Cast Iron Bacon Press
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King Kooker Cast Iron Bacon Press

This cast iron bacon press is an ideal choice for those with a rectangular pan or skillet. The handle is easily removable for cleaning or seasoning if necessary. The handle is also capable of withstanding the heat of seasoning so it doesn’t need to be removed.

It’s not a good choice for round pans or skillets but otherwise an excellent choice for cooking bacon to perfection!

Cast Iron Connection - Top Pick

Victoria Cast Iron Bacon Press and Meat Weight

This high-quality bacon press from Victoria has a nicely shaped wooden handle that is removable if needed. This is obviously handy if you need to season your press.

It’s rectangular shape makes it more ideal for rectangular griddles, pans, and grills.

Cast Iron Connection - Top Pick

Lodge LFIP3 Flat Iron Grill Press

Lodge is a well respected cast iron cookware manufacturer and their Flat Iron Grill Press is a winner.  The handle isn’t ideal for use without protection but it is able to withstand high temperatures which makes it an ideal candidate for seasoning.

The roughly rectangular shape makes it a better fit for use with their LPGI3 Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle. It obviously could work well with any rectangular pan or skillet.

Cast Iron Connection - Top Pick

Lodge LGPR3 Cast Iron Round Grill Press

Another great press from Lodge is this Round Cast Iron Grill Press. The handle is removable if necessary although it can withstand the high temperatures required for seasoning properly. The spiral grip is more forgiving.

The 7.5 inch round shape is best used with round skillets and pans.

Cast Iron Connection - Top Pick

Bayou Classic 7455 Cast Iron Baking Pan and Bacon Press Set

For the ultimate bacon-cooking solution this Bayou Classic pan and press set is nearly ideal. Just add another press to your order to get maximum press coverage.

The wooden handle means an oven mitt isn’t necessary and it can be removed for seasoning the press.

What do you do with a bacon press?

A quality cast iron bacon press is very easy to use. You simply place it on top of your bacon that is cooking. There’s no need to actually press down on it. The cast iron weight will do that for you. A good bacon press can obviously double as a hamburger press, steak weight, or many other griddle or skillet press uses.

There are other uses for your bacon press beyond simply cooking bacon:

  • Hamburger weight to cook smashed burgers
  • Cook hash browns
  • Steak weight
  • Press grilled sandwiches
  • Basically anything that you may want to press or help cook through more effectively…

How do you cook bacon so it stays flat?

That’s where the bacon press comes into play. Depending on the type of bacon press you select you may have to move your bacon around a little to ensure it stays flat. Also, the type of pan or skillet you’re using will can make it easier or harder to ensure your bacon stays nice and flat. You’ll want to be sure and choose a bacon press that matches well with the pan or skillet you’ll be using. Ideally the press will fit perfectly within the pan to cover as much cooking area as possible to prevent the ends of the bacon from sticking out and curling up.

Why should I use a bacon press?

A good cast iron bacon press serves a few good purposes:

  • Speeds the cooking of bacon
  • Helps the bacon cook more evenly
  • Reduces bacon splatter while cooking
  • Flattens bacon which is better for burgers and sandwiches

How do you clean a bacon press?

Like any cast iron, it should have a decent amount of seasoning on it. You’ll want to do your best to protect the seasoning while still removing the carbon buildup and other bits that get stuck to your press.

  1. Rinse with water
  2. Wipe away excess water
  3. Use coarse salt, chainmail, or similar to scrub away any buildup but be careful not to harm the seasoning layer
  4. Rinse with water again
  5. Heat to ensure all excess water is removed before storing

Round, Square, Small, Large – What’s the Best Cast Iron Bacon Press?

Your bacon press should be sized to your pan or skillet. You don’t want the ends of your bacon peaking out from underneath your press and not cooking at the same rate as the bits under the press. Obviously a square press in a round skillet is going to be much less effective. If you’re cooking large amounts of bacon, a long griddle and a couple bacon presses may be the best route to go.

Stainless Steel Bacon Press vs Cast Iron Bacon Press

A cast iron bacon press is going to have more mass typically than a stainless steel bacon press. The mass of the cast iron will absorb more heat and help cook the bacon more quickly and evenly. Also, a cast iron bacon press can be seasoned to produce a good non-stick surface. Additionally, since your bacon press will likely do double duty in various other ways such as cooking hash browns or burgers you’ll appreciate the non-stick surface and more even heat distribution.

In Conclusion: Best Cast Iron Bacon Press

The most important aspect to keep in mind is sizing your bacon press to fit your pan or skillet well. The second most important factor is the handle and ensuring that it’ll be easy to use and clean. You’ll also want to make sure that your handle can withstand extreme temperatures so you can season the cast iron surface of your bacon press properly.

Once you’ve cooked bacon with a good quality cast iron bacon press you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. Good luck and happy cooking!

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